Slip and Fall Cases


When you are hurt at a business because of the negligence of that business owner, whether it be something you tripped on or some other condition, you may have a cause of action against that business to recovery money damages for your injuries.  However, most law firms in Texas don't take premises liability (slip and fall) cases?  Why?

For one, the law in Texas has been written over the years to benefit the business owners.  These are difficult cases for most lawyers to handle because it takes a lot of work and investigation into the facts in order to win.  It's no surprise that most law firms don't focus primarily on premises liability cases for that reason.  

However, our lawyers have had great success in this area over the years.  Often times we are screening a case for success that has been turned down by a half dozen law firms before it gets to us.  We take a detailed look at the case through the lens of winning.  Once we have assessed your case and decide to represent you, the process for success starts that same day.  In the meantime, we will assist you in getting the medical care you deserve while we litigate the case in court.  

In our view, most premises liability cases need to be moved quickly, and therefore, it is often the case where we file a lawsuit to get the process of gathering discovery started.  The sooner we file, the sooner we can tell your story to a jury and seek a financial award.

If you have been injured while at a business or at someone's home, cut out the middle man and call us directly for a case evaluation.  We never charge for our consultations and if we do take your case, you won't have to pay us a dime unless we recover financial compensation for you.  We take only a small percentage of the amount we recover in that event. 

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