A collision with a large truck is a devastating event that can lead to lifelong consequences or even death. Semis, buses, tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers routinely carry loads that weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds; when a vehicle of this size and mass crashes into an average car or SUV, it creates an enormous impact.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the trend for fatalities and serious injury related to negligent operation of a semi-truck is on the rise.  In fact, crashes involving 18 wheelers and and other large commercial vehicles have risen 47% in the last decade and have increased by 6% in 2019 alone.

But with so many law firms advertising that they are the best when it comes to trucking crashes, where do you start in determining the right law firm for you?  At Lawhorn Law, PC, we have the experience under our belt like the rest and you can be assured that we know how the trucking companies will play fast and loose with their safety policies and protocols.  But, against our marketing agent's advice, we do not advertise our client's financial awards because we do not see the money in the pocket of our clients as a "victory".  It's not a way to keep score.  Or to determine value.  What is the value of someone's life?  How much money is needed to compensate someone fully for the loss of their legs, or their memories?

Certainly, the only thing the law allows is financial compensation to make someone whole after they are injured.  In that, we do take our client's financial interest seriously.  Give Lawhorn Law, PC a call to discuss your potential case.  We will ensure that your case will be treated with integrity and will make sure that your compensation is not merely a feather in our cap.