Automobile Wrecks


When you are hurt in a car wreck, there are many questions that arise that we can help answer.  How am I going to get a rental car?  How can I get medical care if I don't have insurance?  Do I need to contact my insurance company even if it wasn't my fault?  Are my rates going to go up?  

At Lawhorn Law, PC, we can put to rest pretty quickly your uncertainty with these questions.  First, your own insurance company will provide you rental car if you have that benefit in your policy, even if you are not at fault.  However, these rental car benefits are not unlimited and you could be out of your rental car before your current vehicle is repaired or replaced.  We can help you get a rental car during this period should you need it.

If you are hurt, we can make sure that you receive the medical care you need so that you can get back to the way your life was before the wreck, even if you don't have medical insurance.  You won't have to pay out of pocket either.  If you do have medical insurance, we can work with your providers to ensure that you get the benefit of the discounted medical bills, just like the insurance companies do. 

The key here is not to wait.  Call our firm, or at least call a competent lawyer in the area who can get you the compensation you deserve.  If you call us, we always give you a free consultation and will be honest about what your options are.  You will never have to pay our fee out of your pocket and we only take a small percentage of what we can recover for you financially.  We also never take a percentage of your property damage claim, or your PIP money...that's your money, you keep it for your needs.

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