Drug Cases


Drug cases are unique in that they typically do not have an identifiable victim.  Possession of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine are crimes that typically arise from the observations of a law enforcement officer.  However, other drugs like prescription medication can also the subject of drug charges if you are in illegal possession of them. 

If the drug amounts (by weight or quantity) are particularly high, additional enhancements like manufacture and delivery can increase the criminal penalty and range of punishment for certain drug crimes.  

"Defending a drug case is more than just questioning the lab report or the legality of a search, which are areas to examine no doubt.  Sometimes a drug case, like a federal conspiracy case for example, is born from a drug addict that has be turned into a cooperative agent of the government.  If you don't look heavily into the credibility of a cooperating witness or the investigating agent in a drug case, then you are playing with fire.  I prepare every drug case I have as if we are going to go to trial, it's the only way", Lawhorn says.

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