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With 24 years of combined personal injury law experience, Tab Lawhorn has form an all-inclusive personal injury law firm.  By that it means his clients are not shuffled around to different firms at different stages of their case.  From the moment we are hired, we start our own investigation into the details of your case and remain your counsel through trial if it comes to that.  

There is no fee charged for our services if we do not obtain a satisfactory recovery for you.  Period.  We will demonstrate for you that we know the law before  you hire us in our free consultation.  If we can't represent you, we will refer you to other top-notch personal injury lawyers that we trust personally. 

But knowing the law is only a fraction of our value to your case.   We also know people.  We know our community as we are active in it.  When it comes time to tell your story to a jury, we tell it in a relatable way because we are relatable people. 

We are selective when we choose to represent an injured client.  We don't want every auto crash or trucking crash case in East Texas.  We choose cases of significance where we believe we can make the most impact. 

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