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Fear.  It's the number one enemy of someone accused of a crime.  The fear is born in multiple ways.  The moment someone is pulled over by law enforcement.  An odd voicemail from an investigator with the local police department.  An accusation by a family member, friend, or colleague.  A panicked call from your child.  Immediately, the mind starts to go into loops of the worst possible outcomes.  Conviction. Jail.  Prison. Embarrassment.  Regret.  Anger.  Uncertainty.  

There are no small criminal cases at Lawhorn Law, P.C.  Our goal from the moment you contact us is to reduce your fear by informing you about your case in a free consultation.  If we can't represent you, we will refer you to colleagues of ours that we trust personally.  If you hire our team, we will work through a strategy for your criminal case that starts with compassion and trust that is forged over time.   

You will stay informed through registering with our on-line client portal.  There, you will be able to login and see for yourself the progress of your case, correspondence between your lawyer and the prosecution, pre-trial motions, research, and the lawyers notes from discovery review, 24/7.  You basically have direct access to your encrypted file, the same file used by the attorney in your case. 

You will have your lawyer's cell phone number from day one.  Communication and trust will be a constant.  You won't have to guess about what is going to happen in your case because you will know.  You will know because you will be an important part of forming your defense and outcome of your case.  By developing a strategy early, and pursuing the real truth in your case, the fear you had initially will start to disappear because you will come to understand that you hired the right team.   

If you are truly innocent of your charges, it will come to light with the right criminal lawyer.  If you are guilty as sin, you are still presumed innocent by law in both state and federal court.  We see both clients the same.  And we vigorously defend both clients equally in court and at trial.   

Read some of our reviews.  You will find a common theme about our past clients feeling like a friend, or a family member by the time their case was over.  That's not because of slick marketing. It's because the only way to be passionate about a client's case is to develop a relationship where they feel like they are being represented by someone who personally cares about what happens to them.  And we do. 

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