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Welcome to our latest innovation at Lawhorn Law, PC.  Our virtual law office can be accessed anytime and provides a menu of services and legal documents all at your fingertips.  Visit our virtual law practice HERE.

We created this service to fill the need for low cost legal document creation and services for specific areas of practice.  The convenience and value found in our virtual law portal makes it a no brainer for someone who may need a little help with a legal issue without the expense of bringing in a legal team to resolve their issue.

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Certainly, most of our clients reach out to us for a free consultation at our law offices in Tyler and Houston.  But in cases where you may just need some advice, or, if you are trying to determine if you even need a lawyer, it is helpful to seek the advice of a qualified lawyer without paying a full retainer or expensive consultation fee at other firms.  At our virtual law office, you are in control.

Not sure if you need a lawyer?  Book one of our on-line consultations regarding your legal matter at a minimal cost.  Any consultation fee paid will be credited toward representation if you decide to hire our team later down the road.  You can book your consultation directly on your attorney's calendar and choose a variety of ways to set up the meeting.

Forms created by our lawyers…at your fingertips.

Need a power of attorney?  How about sealing your criminal record on your own?  Or a bill of sale?  Lawhorn Law, PC has created a library of custom legal documents that you can generate on your own.  These aren't basic forms found on national legal do-it-yourself websites that have no regional applicability.  These are actual legal documents that are specifically designed for the laws in Texas and are used by our lawyers and staff daily.  

But we don't just leave you with creating your own legal documents.  You will also get detailed written instructions on what to do after you have created your legal document.  Need a little extra help?  We can coach you along the way to ensure you are prepared and are positioned to get the result you need.

Enter the virtual side of our firm HERE.

Subscription Services

Lawhorn Law, PC offers a number of limited subscription services which allow small business to have a full time law firm on their side without the expense of paying a high retainer or costly hourly fees.  Parents can pay a small monthly fee to ensure that they will have access to a lawyer for their kids if and when they get in juvenile trouble.  There are a number of subscription services available for your legal needs through the Lawhorn Law, PC virtual law firm found HERE.

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