How Letters of Protection Can Help You Get Medical Care in Texas.

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Letter of Protection in Car Wreck or Trucking Crash

Use a Letter of Protection to Get the Medical Treatment You Need After a Car Accident or Slip and Fall. Then Pay the Medical Lien from Your Recovery (Settlement or Favorable Verdict) in the Case.

One of the most common questions that clients have when they first consult with me relates to how they can afford much needed medical treatment if they don't have health insurance?  Or, how can you get expensive medical care without all the money it would take to get appropriate care?

In Texas, there are a couple of resources that can help those hurt get the medical treatment they need without coming out of pocket for the costs.  First, some auto insurance policies have Personal Injury Protection or “PIP” (for short).  Personal Injury Protection is a cash benefit paid to the insurer as part of their claim, but it is paid up front.  It is a good way to get some funds for medical needs quickly.  At our firm, we do not take a percentage of PIP and instead, ensure that 100% of the PIP funds are directed to the client.  Unfortunately, PIP limits are not much, usually $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the policy.  

Another source that is beneficial and used often by our firm is using a Letter of Protection to help a client get the medical care they need.  Letters of Protection are good because it ensures that the medical providers will be paid at a time in the future when you are compensated by the at fault driver.  So, you get the benefit of receiving medical attention immediately when you need it, without having to pay for the services until you receive money from your lawsuit or claim.  After all, it is the at fault driver who should be paying for your medical care, and this is one the best ways to get your medical care.  The downside it that not all medical providers will accept letters of protection, so it is important that the firm you hire has relationships with the best medical providers that accept your law firm's letter of protection.

Lastly, there are companies in Texas that will finance your medical care upfront and will usually be paid at the end of your case when you are compensated.  These companies are extremely useful when considering the costs of expensive surgeries and diagnostic testing.  

If you have any questions about your legal rights after an accident, call me: (903) 999-1234.  You will talk to me directly if you have questions about your case, not a case screener or assistant. 

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