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After Two Years, State of Texas Dismisses 3 Aggravated Robberies Against Longview Man

February 2023

Longview, Texas—Judge Novy, of the 118th District Court signed dismissals on 3 Aggravated Robbery charges against a Longview man last Monday. The case involved accusations of a young man that was allegedly involved in an armed robbery at a residence.

Represented by Tab Lawhorn, the defendant was steadfast in his innocence and plead not guilty to the charges. During the investigation and discovery stage, the prosecutors became aware that there was little evidence connecting the defendant to the scene, the weapon, or the DNA found at the house. Although circumstantial evidence indicated the defendant's presence within the vicinity of the crimes, Lawhorn pressed for a trial based upon lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

“It was the right result. It took two years of fighting these charges, but to walk out of this courtroom with my client, it makes it all worth it,” Lawhorn said. There were no plea offers from the State on the cases.

The charges were dismissed the day before trial.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: 118th District Court

Tab Lawhorn

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